80 Lbs Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol

  1. This Self-Cocking Cobra Crossbow system will streak a steel-tipped bolt more than 160 FPS! Best of all, it's self-cocking. No more contortions or pulled muscles from the 80-lb. draw weight of this beast. Just pivot the arming lever and the heavy-gauge slide and bow cable cocks itself - engaging the automatic safety at the same time. Sighting, windage and elevation wheels click tune for accuracy. It launches bolts more than 100 yards! Fiber-graphite limbs, die-cast alloy and solid brass. Measures approximately 18" x 6", with three 6" aluminum arrows.

NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot (CD)

  1. Includes 10 Long Arrows, 10 Short Arrows, and Arrow Retrieving Kit with String Spool & 4 Retrieving Arrows

  2. 90 Pound Draw Weight

  3. Strong Steel Cable Bow with Brass Pulleys

  4. Unique Rear Cocking System

  5. Compact Light Weight Design Fun for all ages!

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NcStar Crossbow with Scope (CS)

  1. Five-pound youth crossbow has 100-pound draw weight and 200-foot effective range, and convenient built-in compass

  2. 4x20 scope with 20-millimeter multi-coated lens

  3. Also comes with ten 6.25-inch arrows, ten three-inch darts, four seven-inch retrieval arrows, and two retrieval reels

  4. Includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

  5. This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

BladesUSA K-8026 70-Pound Draw Crossbow

  1. 70 Lb Draw Crossbow

  2. 70 Lb Draw Fiberglass Body

  3. Self Cocking

  4. Includes 3 Aluminum Bolts

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch Arrows & Premium Red Dot Sight)

  1. Complete crossbow package, includes quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight

  2. Sleek, military-style stock; high energy wheels; synthetic string and cable system

  3. Shoots at 315 feet per second with 150-pound draw weight

  4. Picatinny rail provides a mounting platform; 3.5-pound trigger pull

  5. This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

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BladesUSA MK-45 Pistol Style Fiberglass Body Crossbow

  1. Pistol Style Fiberglass Body Crossbow

  2. 5 Lb Draw w/ Adjustable Cock Level

  3. Includes 3 Bolts

Crossbow Pistol 50LB (#CF111)

  1. Metal Bow

  2. 50 lb Draw

  3. Comes with 5 bolts

  4. Handle has plastic pistol grips


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Crossbow Pistols can be used for hunting (full crossbow in picture).

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Crossbow Pistols are a lot of fun. Improve your accuracy with target practice.